Closed Beta Launched!

Traditional Real Estate is dying. With a new tech-savvy generation of home-buyers that represent the tremendous buying power of 170 Billion dollars, and the advancement of real estate listings online, what happens to the traditional real estate process or even local agents?

Some agents have already tried to address this by throwing money at a second-rate brochure style website filled with hyperbolic marketing copy, a cookie cutter MLS feed, and shallow, good-for-nothing content.

It’s not surprising that the new generation of home sellers and buyers dismiss these agents as a joke.

So how do we create intuitive, easy-to-use technology solutions for an industry as vast in scope, in need and varied in practice as real estate?

Re-invent Realty is our answer to that question. It is our mission to help local agents make the necessary transition into the digital age, by offering online tools that will not only level out the playing field against industry giants (Trulia, Zillow, TheRedpin), but also produce leads and a future career for the traditional real estate agent.

We offer a number of different services that are tailor-fit for our customer’s needs including deep analytics, website optimization, premium listing services, hyper-local content marketing, massive data distribution and management to help Realtors stay competitive today and grow their local business for tomorrow’s market.

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